About this blog

This is where I talk about boardgame design, video game design, and Magic: the Gathering design, from my position of well-read but inexperienced amateur game designer.

There are a few game projects I’m working on. I’m also happy to comment on other people’s stuff, and I will analyze your games (or custom Magic cards) upon request.

About me

  • I’m a French programmer and amateur game designer, currently living in Brussels.
  • I’m a transhumanist, feminist/egalitarianist, and utilitarian consequentialist until convinced otherwise. I take the most ludicrous ideas completely seriously.
  • I’m a GM, boardgamer, and Magic: the Gathering player. If you’re in Brussels and into games, I probably want to meet you.
  • Any “Roxolan” you find on the internet is probably me. It comes from the Roxolani.
  • My Steam profile is also Roxolan (profile only visible if you connect through Steam). Friend invites are welcome.
  • I’m involved in the Brussels branch of LessWrong, though I mostly lurk on the main site. If you’re into that, then I definitely want to meet you.
  • I have another blog, in French, where I translate LessWrong content at the approximate rate of one word per year, and may someday start to write original content (in French) on rationality.
  • I’m a diagnosed something-something-autism-spectrum, which shows in my approach to game analysis (numbers are fun!) and in my total lack of a sense of humour (like kleptomaniacs, I take everything literally).

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