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All the Wraths of MtG

Art by Kev Walker

Art by Kev Walker


Something for the Commander/EDH players: a comprehensive list of all “Wrath” effects in Magic: the Gathering. This is more useful than it sounds: a lot of wraths, some of them very good, won’t show up in the obvious Gatherer searches.



Here are some details about the list that you can freely skip:

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[Link] Rolling Thunder Post-mortem: Collectability in card games

This article now only exists on an archive website. I’m puting it up as a pdf in case that too should vanish from the net. It’s a valuable piece of game design history.

Hidden Emperor

It’s 1997. Magic: the Gathering is flying off the shelves. (I mean, it’s flying off the shelves even more today, but now we’re used to it). And this despite its seemingly customer-unfriendly practice of selling cards in randomized “boosters” with arbitrarily-assigned card “rarity”. Well a plate on a door affords pushing, and the thing to do with unsatisfied customers is to offer them a superior product. This is what Ryan Dancey (then of the Five Rings Publishing Group, later the driving force behind Dungeons & Dragons‘ unheard-of Open Gaming License) did, using the Legend of the Five Rings Collectible Card Game and a few others as guinea pigs.

The whole saga is an entertaining read, but most important is its conclusion:

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Removing colour identity from MtG Commander/EDH

(This post is about the popular Commander/EDH variant for Magic: the Gathering.)

Commander has two rules that prevent players from using cards that aren’t of their commander’s colour(s): a deckbuilding rule and an in-game rule.

  • Cards in a deck may not have any colours in their identity which are not shared with the commander of the deck. (The identity of each card in the deck must be a subset of the General’s.)
  • A deck may not generate mana outside its colours. If an effect would generate mana of an illegal colour, it generates colourless mana instead.

In this post, I would like to discuss the possibility of removing the first rule, and relying entirely on the second rule to keep decks colour-segregated. I will merely list all consequences I could think of, and let the reader come to their own conclusion.

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The /tg/ Custom Cards Cube

Spell-Scale Dragon


  • 360 custom cards
  • Over 40 /tg/ contributors
  • Intended to be drafted (a.k.a. a cube)
  • Each card has artwork with artist credit (and occasionally flavour text)
  • Each card has designer credit (designers have a symbol used as watermark)
  • The set symbol is made of three C’s (for Custom Cards Cube)
  • Made in a month of hard work in summer 2013
  • Probably a lot better than you expect

Stonewrought Titan

Where to find it

Direct link to the most recent version, as a Magic Set Editor file.

Every Cube-related file, including what you’ll need to see the watermarks.

A ton of Magic-compatible art for your own projects (warning: may not stay up forever)

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Custom Magic cards design: Be better than the entire internet

Salt Farmer

The state of custom Magic cards design

I used to hang around in /tg/, the “traditional games” board on 4chan. /tg/ has a very active community of custom Magic cards designers. You can pretty much always find a dedicated thread floating around, despite 4chan’s fast thread rotation. Activity varies and there’s a lot of repeats, but this still amounts to something like two original custom cards an hour, all day, every day.

Most of them are terrible.

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